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Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386 1 4773593
fax: +386 1 4773935


The Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies performs educational, promotional and infrastructural activities, and provides the direct exchange of information and experience between researchers and the users of their research results.

By partnering and active engagement in the different European research projects the Centre successfully extends its activities to the research and development. Most of the research is performed in the area of knowledge management for traditional and emerging forms of organizations like networked and virtual organizations.

We develop and prepare carefully designed educational events, such as: seminars, workshops, conferences and summer schools. They are targeted at experts who would like to apply the latest knowledge and achievements from intelligent data analysis, knowledge technologies, data mining, text mining and decision support to the areas of the network organizations, ecology, medicine, business decisions, finance, marketing, automatization and process control. A special emphasis is put on the managers and decision makers who are aware of the strengths and benefits of to the success of their business.

All educational events are designed to transfer basic, additional and latest expert knowledge to the companies, research and educational organizations. In order to make the knowledge transfer efficient we are combining traditional and ICT supported training methods. For this purpose we are operating a number of training web portals. The most popular one is Videolectures.NET which is now becoming a reference portal presenting high quality scientific lectures. This portal now offers more than 15 000 recorded lectures from different scientific events and is daily visited in average by 7000 visitors from around the world.

As a part of the IST-World project we have developed a web portal that offers services for automatic data collection and analysis of the European research. User can perform several simple and complex analyses, predictions and detect trends in research. Data base currently contains data about 100 000 research organizations, 42 000 research projects and around 2 mio experts from Europe. This is an exceptional web service that is being visited by 5000 unique visitors every day.