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Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386 1 4773593
fax: +386 1 4773935

Encouraging gender equality policy

GENDERA Slovenian National Workshop will take place on December 12, 2011 at the Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The workshop is organized by GENDERA FP7 project. gendera_logo

By raising awareness in a wide cross-section of today’s society, GENDERA aims to re-address the balance of gender within research organisations and higher education organisations across Europe. The role of women in specific disciplines and in decision making positions will be strengthened through dialogue (the gender debate) and the implementation of best practices. From 2010 onwards, the GENDERA partners will collect, systemise and analyse existing policies and programmes in order to identify good practices that are already having a positive effect on ensuring that women get higher in research organisations and higher education institutions and achieve decision-making positions.


The workshop will be recorded by the Videolectures.Net team from Jozef Stefan Institute.
The recordings will be available here.

Workshop programme