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Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386 1 4773593
fax: +386 1 4773935

IMAGINATION – Image-based Navigation in Multimedia Archives

The main objective of IMAGINATION is to bring digital cultural and scientific resources closer to their users, by making user interaction image-based and context-aware. Our aim is to enable image-based navigation for digital cultural and scientific resources. Our vision is a system where users receive meaningful contextual information about images and image parts, which makes images easier to understand. Moreover, users can simply navigate to new, relevant images and texts in the knowledge repository only by clicking on interesting image parts.

To achieve this goal, IMAGINATION combines and improves existing techniques. The major instrument to provide context-sensitive, relevant information is the use of semantic metadata. Semantic metadata will be (semi-)automatically generated. To achieve the highest possible quality level of automatically generated metadata, the context of the resources (images and texts) is exploited by combining text-mining, image segmentation and image recognition algorithms. We expect that this combination will cause a synergy effect and will result in high-quality semantic metadata. The generated semantic metadata is used to visualise the
context of images, and thus to make it easier to comprehend them. The metadata makes it also possible to search the repository semantically and therefore to navigate to semantically related resources in the knowledge space.
The major outcome of the project will be a complete implementation of this new and intuitive approach of navigation trough images, which will include a set of technologies and tools to support the semantic annotation of images by manual, semi-automatic and automatic techniques.

DURATION: 1 May 2006 – 30 April 2009

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