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UN and UNESCO award to VideoLectures.Net

The Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies @ JSI is proud to announce that the educational website VideoLectures.Net which powered by the Center has won the WSA award of the decade. Its Online Jury evaluated 200 WSA winners from the last decade and selected what they consider to be the 8 all-time bests: the WSIS+10 Global Champions. VideoLectures.Net was selected as the winner in the “e- Science & Technology” category.

With this prestigious award, Videolectures.Net has proven that its vision of free and open access to academic knowledge in the form of online videos is the right approach for addressing the global digital divide in education and knowledge transfer. The website functions as an online video library, and as a publication channel for academic videos relating to the Center’s research projects like within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and the upcoming Horizon 2020. European Projects managed by the Center which use VideoLectures.NET as their training repository:

It is a unique resource for high-quality and specialised academic talks. VideoLectures.Net is shaping the future of education and as the collection has got larger, the activities of VideoLectures.Net have become more complex. So in 2010 it co-founded the Knowledge 4 All Foundation Ltd., in order to maximise the impact of the online collection and dedicate resources to the creation of tools and intelligent services that complement and enhance its video content.

Congratulations to the team!