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October 21, 2020
Usposabljanje za izvajanje učenja na daljavo in izdelavo prosto dostopnih izobraževalnih gradiv
COG-LO’s Cognitive Adviser Tool

Earlier this month COG-LO H2020 Project partners Dr Miha Cimperman, researcher at the Jožef Stefan Institute, and Alen Kahvedžić, project manager at Pošta Slovenije, presented the Cognitive Adviser tool at the virtual conference Parcel+Post Expo 2020.

In detail, the Cognitive Advisor (CA) guides a responsible multimodal freight transport system, which helps Cognitive Logistics Objects (logistics objects are physical objects such as cargo, vehicles, etc; systems; and humans that participate in a logistics process) decide about next actions, forming social networks, communicating, helping each other and solving local problems. The CA takes into account variables such as business, environment and society. The result are proposals from CLOs to the actors (drivers, managers, etc) for more efficient, environmentally friendly and multimodal transportation deliveries.

Their presentation was filmed and the video is now available online at Videolectures.NET.