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January 16, 2020
Usposabljanje za izvajanje učenja na daljavo in izdelavo prosto dostopnih izobraževalnih gradiv
A Cybersecurity Incident Handling, Warning and Response System

At the end of the year 2019 we started working on the ‘Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Infrastructures (CyberSANE)’ project funded under the EC’s Horizon 2020 Programme.  CyberSANE aims to enhance the security and resilience of Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) by providing a dynamic collaborative, warning and response system.

In particular, CyberSANE will develop a system that addresses both technical and congitive challenges related to identification, prevention and protection against attacks. At technical level, the CyberSANE system will collect, compile, process and fuse attack related data from multiple perspective, through its main four components: The Live Security Monitoring and Analysis (LiveNet) component, the Deep and Dark Web mining and Intelligence (DarkNet) component, the Data Fusion, Risk Evaluation and Event Management (HybridNet) component and the Intelligent and Information Sharing and Dissemination (ShareNet) component. From a cognitive perspective, the system will enable decision makers (e.g. incident response professionals) to better understand understand the technical aspects of an attack and draw conclusions on how to respond.

The role of Jožef Stefan institute is to develop the tool for dark web analysis.

More information  is available at CyberSANE.