January 15, 2020
Usposabljanje za izvajanje učenja na daljavo in izdelavo prosto dostopnih izobraževalnih gradiv
OE4BW mentoring programme 2020

As a result of a huge success of the previous two calls, the number of projects to be developed in the Open Education for a Better World (OE4BW) mentoring programme 2020 has grown exponentially. This year 82 developers will be guided online towards development and implementation of their OERs with the help and expertise of 73 mentors. The scale of this years′ OE4BW mentoring programme has substantially amplified organisational efforts, so University of Nova Gorica and Jožef Stefan Institute as managers of the OE4BW mentoring programme will cooperate with 6 OE4BW hubs operated by 9 hub coordinators to align the projects with developmental and strategic goals of the programme. This year a new thematic Hub called SDG7 was added to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

The purpose of the OE4BW mentoring program is to design an extensive series of small modules and learning resources that may be easily added to post-secondary in-person or online courses.

We are looking forward to a year full of successful collaborations in OERs development!

For more information visit the OE4BW mentoring programme website.