DECEMBER 23, 2019

Water4Cities Data Integration

CT3 and AiLab are involved in the Water4Cities MSCA RISE project, which relies on sensor technologies, data and visual analytics to enable localization, visualization and analysis of urban water (both surface water and groundwater) at a holistic urban setting providing services to multiple water stakeholders.

In scope of the project we have been working on integrating data to develop the necessary models and associated platform that will enable water providers and relevant stakeholders to:

  • monitor in real-time the urban water resources;
  • support their decisions for optimal urban water management causing minimal environmental impact;
  • involve policy makers, corporations and the public to provide the support for sound and balanced decision-making.

The project is demonstrated in two case studies:

  • Island of Skiathos, Greece
  • City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Find out more at Water4Cities project website.

Video sessions are available at Videolectures.NET website.


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