COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks

1 Jun 2018 – 31 May 2021

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The main goal of COG-LO is to create the framework and tools that will add cognition and collaboration features to future logistics processes by: 1) Introducing the Cognitive Logistics Object (CLO) by adding cognitive behavior to all involved Logistics actors and processes; 2) Developing the environment that will allow CLOs to exchange information through ad-hoc social secure networks. The main objectives of COG-LO are: (a) Definition of a Future Cognitive Logistics Objects reference implementation model that supports cognitive logistics behaviour; (b) Design and develop the necessary analytics and cognitive tools that enable complex event detection, context awareness and multi-criteria decision support. (c) To design and develop the collaboration platform based on hybrid ad-hoc social networks of CLOs. (d) To design and develop the COG-LO tools (Cognitive Advisor, which realizes the cognitive behavior of CLO based on the reference implementation model, and Tweeting CLOs, allowing CLOs to exchange information in ad-hoc Social IoT networks); (e) To evaluate the COG-LO results via intermodal, cross-country and urban logistics pilot operations. (f) To introduce new business models for ad-hoc collaborations affecting all logistics stakeholders and create a community of Logistics, ICT and urban environment stakeholders. The consortium is led by SingularLogic and consists of 14 partners from 8 countries.

COG-LO’s Cognitive Adviser Tool

COG-LO’s Cognitive Adviser Tool

Watch the presentation of COG-LO’s Cognitive Adviser tool that enables logistics operators, retailers and other stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, improve response rates and increase assets utilization in order to provide the maximum benefit and quality of deliveries to the end consumers.

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