Dunja Mladenić

Dunja Mladenic works at the Department of Knowledge Technologies of the J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia since 1987, first as an undergraduate student and since 1992 as a researcher. She graduate in Computer Science at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana and continued as PhD student there focusing on Artificial Intelligence. She got her MSc and PhD in Computer Science at University of Ljubljana in 1995 and 1998 respectively. Most of her research work is connected with the study and development of machine learning techniques and their application on real-world problems from different areas e.g., medicine, pharmacology, manufacturing, economy. Her current research focuses on using machine learning in data analysis, with particular interest in learning from text applied on the Web documents and intelligent agents. She was visiting School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, as a visiting researcher in 1996-1997 and as a visiting faculty in 2000-2001 .

Dunja Mladenic is the Slovenian member of the Enwise Expert Group Promoting women scientists from the Central and Eastern European countries and the Baltic States to produce gender equality in science in the wider Europe. She was coordinating European Research and Development project “Data Mining and Decision Support for business competitiveness: A European virtual enterprise (Sol-Eu-Net) (2000-2003), involving 12 partners from 7 countries (project homepage). She is on the Management Board of several EU project including 5FP NoE project KDNet – The European Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence (2002-2004), 6FP IP project SEKT – Semantically-Enabled Knowledge Technologies (2004-2006), 6FP NoE project PASCAL – Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning (2004-2007), 6FP SSA project CEC-WYS: Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science (2004-2006). She is involved in work of Text Mining Group. She has published several papers in refereed conferences and journals. She is co-editor of the book Data Mining and Decision Support: Integration and Collaboration, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. She has served in the program committee of different international conferences (eg., International Conference on Machine Learning, SIAM Conference on Data Mining, International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery). She co-organized several international conferences and workshops including ICML-99 International Conference on Machine Learning, Slovenian Conference on Data Mining and Data Warehousing (SiKDD-99, SiKDD-2002, SiKDD-2004), Information Society Conferences (IS-1999, IS-2000, IS-2001, IS-2002, IS-2004), ICML-99 Workshop on Machine Learning in Text Data Analysis, KDD-2000 Workshop on Text Mining, IEEE ICDM-2001 Workshop on Text Mining TextDM-2001, ICML-2002 Workshop on Text Learning, IJCAI-2003 Workshop on Text-Mining and Link-Analysis, KDD-2003 Workshop on Link Analysis for Detecting Complex Behavior, KDD-2004 Workshop on Link Analysis and Group Detection.