Smiljana Vončina Slavec

Smiljana Vončina Slavec

Head of IT department

Ministry of Health


+386 41 617 944

Smiljana Vončina Slavec, B.Sc. (Math) is the Head of IT department in the Ministry of Health of Slovenia. She was the General Manager of an information engineering company Infonet Kranj (1991-2007) and has many years of experience in the areas of health informatics and successful work with stakeholders in Slovenia.

She was the president of the Slovenian Medical Informatics Society (2000-2005) and a Slovene representative in the European Federation for Medical Informatics (2002 –2006).

She was among the responsible for the management and coordination of a national project for the introduction of Health Insurance Card in Slovenia and was strongly involved in the greatest project for Health environment in Slovenia: Health System Management Project.

She cooperated in the Health Information Standards Project, Bulgaria (Formulation of standards for the provision of health related information), she was a Chief Software Architect Expert on the project Development of Health Information System for Basic Health and Pharmaceutical Services in Serbia and a consultant on the “Montenegro Health System Improvement Project (Health Information System HW & SW Planning and Design”).

Ms Slavec has extensive experience in requirement analyses and technology evaluation, a thorough knowledge of software development and implementation of large health care oriented information systems and managing large health information projects.