Maca Jogan

Maca Jogan (1943) is professor emeritus of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences – University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Her main research has been in the fields of the development of sociological theory, of the history of Slovenian sociology and of the gender studies. Particularly in the last two decades she devotes her cognitive interest mainly to the investigations of various aspects concerning the social construction of gender inequality (e.g. women and religion/church, labour market and women, women in/and science, sexual harassment at the workplace, etc.).

She is author of five books (in Slovenian language): Sociology of Order (1978), Women and Discrimination (1986), Woman, Church and Family (1986), Social Construction of Gender Hierarchy (1990), Contemporary Streams in Sociological Theory (1995), Sexism in the Everyday Life (2001); the coauthor or editor of more other books and author of numerous scientific articles in various languages.