Katarina Kresal

Katarina Kresal was born in 1973. She attended Bezigrad High School and studied law at the Ljubljana Law Faculty. She graduated in 1996 “cum laude”. In 1999 she completed the bar exams.

After her studies, she continued to work as a legal trainee at the High Court in Ljubljana, after which she continued her work at the department dealing with economic disputes at the County Court in Ljubljana. In 2000 she became an independent advisor for legal affairs at Kapitalska druzba d.d. Ljubljana, specializing in economic and corruption law. As a representative of Kapitalska druzba, she became a member of the advisory bodies of Delo Tiskarna, BTC Terminal and Konstruktor. In 2001 she was employed at Western Wireless International as the director of the legal department.

As of 2003 she has been working in the law firm Miro Senica and lawyers, where she was first a lawyer-candidate, then a lawyer, and from 2005 the deputy director of the firm and director economic and international affairs department. Her areas of expertise are economic law, corruption law, bankruptcy law, author law, industrial property rights law, banking law, insurance law, mergers and acquisitions law, telecommunications, and gambling.

On 30.06.2007 she was elected as the president of the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia. She has immediately resigning as a member of Supervisory boards of several companies and has been employed full time as the president of the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia since 01.11.2007.