Sonja Šmuc

Sonja Šmuc, 37, is since april 2005 managing director of Managers’ Association of Slovenia where her main tasks are providing support for development of Slovene management, lobbying for economic interests and providing a platform for business networking. As part of her current position she is often advises Slovene companies on matters of management contracts, internal communications, marketing, human resources management and headhunting. She is a member of different award boards and professional committees. In 2006 Slovene chamber of commerce, unit Ljubljana, awarded her with bronze award for innovation in publishing for ‘Entrepreneurs in Enterprises’ that she helped created. From March 2008 she is also a treasurer of CEC – European confederation of managerial organizations with headquarters in Brussels.

She began her career as a journalist with business magazine Gospodarski vestnik when she was a student. Soon she became editor of editions Career and Slovene Export Corporation. Since 2002 till 2005 she was editor-in-chief of magazine Manager, specialized magazine for up-to-date leadership and management. She is the author of more than 600 articles and often moderates round tables on economy and business. As a TV reporter she reported for RTV Slovenija (Slovene national broadcasting) and co-hosted a show ‘100 most distinguished managers’ on local TV. Her name is also found as a co-editor of a book on managing export risks Tveganje pod nadzorom (Risk under control). She believes in lifelong learning and diversity, consecutively she was briefly a student at Stanford University in California, Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna and IEDC Bled.

She is fluent in English, Serbian and Croatian, she speaks some German and French.

Sonja Šmuc is married and a mother of two. She enjoys time with her family, traveling, reading and discussions of visionary ideas.