Violeta Bulc

Violeta Bulc, Vibacom, House for Business Solutions ( Ms. Bulc is locally recognized as profound developer of innovative business models and environments, and an opinion maker for advanced technologies. She is an excellent promoter of change with great people skills and a visionary sense for development of business stories based on a long term sustainable growth strategy. She believes in the power of networks, holistic individual, and positive energy. She has received 4 years in a row an award for business innovation, as well as, 2 national FENIKS Awards for Consulting Project of the Year for 2004 and 2006. She has been appointed a Task Group Leader for the Development of Communication Strategy as the part of a project for the Development of National Clustering Policy for Turkey funded by the European Commission. The European Commission has appointed Ms. Bulc to its Advisory Board for the e-Europe Action and Strategic Plans initiative for 2012 and 2020. She is a member of several advisory and supervisory boards on a local level.

Among her latest achievements are the establishment of the IPRK business partnership (Institute for Business Growth and Creativity Ms. Bulc is the author of many professional articles on innovation, expert studies, electronic publications and a co-author of a popular business show called “Poslovni Ritmi«.
She runs a well recognized blog on innovation ( She is a member of the Advisory Board for the development of Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford University (, and an outspoken promoter of its mission in the Balkan region. Her first independent book called “Ritmi poslovne evolucije” is among most popular business books in the country and represents an important contribution to the understanding of the behavior of business ecosystems overall. She is an author and lecturer of standard and e-learning course on Innovative and Innovation Management at the College of Business Maribor (DOBA Group). She received an award for the teacher of the year in 2006/2007 voted by students for successful implementation of theory and practical experiences into a learning process.